Cookie Policy

What's a cookie? 

Cookies are yummy biscuits, they often come with chocolate chips! 

However in terms of the world wide web, they are a way of a website obtaining information about your use of the site. Cookies can be helpful in remembering your preferences, which enhances your browsing experience. Most websites use cookies for analytics purposes, they don't all let you know this although they should by EU law. Hence you are reading this page.

Let's Design Architecture does not collect personal data via cookies and only uses analytics to track the usage of the site. Third party links on Let's Design Architecture's web page such as facebook, twitter and google etc., may use cookies and cookies may be used in Let's Design Architecture's advertising such as Google AdWords. Let's Design Architecture is not liable for information collected by cookies via third party websites which can be linked to from this site. 

If you are concerned about your privacy you can disable cookies in your web browser, however doing so may reduce the functionality of some websites.