Measured Survey

If you are looking to alter, extend or re-build your property, Let's Design Architecture will carry out a measured survey of your existing building(s) and provide you with a set of detailed architectural plans and elevations.

How does your property measure up?

Using a laser measuring tool, Let's Design Architecture will take detailed dimensions of the property and draw up architectural plans.

Once a measured survey has been completed, Let's Design Architecture will use the drawings as a basis from which to design your proposals. Whether you are looking for a small extension or a brand new house, LDA is here to help guide you through the ideas process. Dream it, build it!

All architectural drawings are completed using CAD software, so you can be confident that they are accurate drawings and are to scale. These are useful for a number of purposes, including conveyancing, obtaining planning or listed building consents right through to being able to upgrade them into a format for your builder to work from.  

Let's Design Architecture can download Ordnance Survey maps in CAD format, which are used to locate your site, denote ownership boundaries, rights of way and other useful information. These can be used to provide indicative site information for planning applications, as well as for Land Registry conveyancing purposes when you sell your plot of land.

Once your CAD drawings are complete they can be issued by email in PDF format, meaning that you will receive them in an instant.